Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'll Be Back...

I have been slow posting recipes this last couple weeks because of some family needs. Starting teaching school again, has of course taken extra energy but that is settling out.

The main challenge has been some problems with my pregnancy - it just has not been normal. Finally, on Monday last (at 22 weeks), the Dr. confirmed that our little one had died.
I had a D&C on Wednesday so I am still recovering from all this... both physically and emotionally.
Thank you for patience... I look forward to posting more recipes soon.

I had hoped to get up my Turkey dressing recipe as well as some other holiday recipes up in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, but they should be up in time for US Thanksgiving... or for sure by Christmas. :)



Cinnamon said...

I am sorry for your loss~ Praying for the Lord's healing on you.


jen said...

I read Amy's Daily Pleasures & have been praying for you. Sorry that you have this heartache & praying God will give you healing grace.

I am here to try some of your recipes & see if they don't help my family to conquer some health troubles we have acquired this year. Thank you for posting them.

Cinnamon said...

Just checking back in with you and praying you are feeling better and your body is healing.



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