Friday, January 28, 2011

Egg Free Adjustment

The past couple of weeks has been a time of adjustment in my kitchen: an adjustment to egg-free. For that change to happen, I needed a provoking insentive - afterall, I always felt sorry for folks that had to go egg free. We can't have gluten, milk, nuts or soy....but AT LEAST we could eat eggs.
Not any more.
The insentive for this change was provded by my husband being sick. Steven and Graeme had stopped eating eggs on their own over a year ago. It seemed they were mildly intollerent to them in large doses. Steven continued to have stomach problems and it took us a long time to connect it with eggs in baking. But now that he has tried eating egg-free, his stomach is feeling MUCH BETTER. I am on a campagn to change over my gluten-dairy-soy-nut-free recipes to also be egg-free. :) God must give grace, becuase what I dreaded isn't so bad! (So far!)
One of my first experiences was with cookies. I had several types turn out VERY WELL. In fact: beter then normal.
My next experience was with bread. That also turned out GREAT! I am shocked, amazed and thankful! I will be posting my new recipes over the next day or two. I hope they turn out as well for you as they have for me.


momto9 said...

Hello! Welcome to the gluten, dairy AND egg free life! Yup that's me too and its a pain but doable. My recipe blog has some good recipes and I look forward to adding yours to my everyday cooking!

jennstar said...

Thanks Tereza - your site was the FIRST one I went to when I found out I would have to change. You do so much!

Carmen said...

We tried egg-free for a while for Allison. It didn't do anything for her, and I'm glad since we eat SO many eggs. We have 23 layers at their peek and we keep up with their production. We had great success with a cupcake recipe, so we'll try to track it down and pass it on.

Cinnamon said...

You inspire me!

Glad the boys are feeling better, yes even the big boy :-)


Carmen said...

We found the cupcake recipe @ It's called Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Coffee Icing.

Zach and Lindsey said...

i just found your blog. just yesterday we were hit with the news to cut out gluten, eggs milk and soy from our 21 month old sons diet. i am very new at this so need all the help i can get! thanks for your blog i love that you do this, i cant wait to read more and learn more. i bought a whole ham a while back to make lunch mean and am unaware of the it just best for me not to give it to him or do you know if it is gluten free? thanks so much

jennstar said...

Hi Lindsay - I can relate to the overwhelmed feeling! I hope that these recipes are not too complicated. If they are, feel free to email me (my address is on the sidebar).
I think the ham should be fine. As long as it is a whole ham, not a chopped and formed kind. The formed ones occasionally have extra ingredients. The whole ones are just cured meat.


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